Friday, March 9, 2018

Project Run and Play Challenge: Inspired by Machu Picchu

Season 15 Project Run and Play Challenge is to
 recreate the feeling of one of the 7 Wonders of the World.
My inspiration is...
1.  Notice the pattern of the steps carved into the mountain side. I replicated that pattern when I created small pin tucks sewn on the red knit fabric featured on the
 arms and legs of both the top and pants.  
2.  A "burned out" two layer fabric of grey and black knit was used to replicate the texture created by the building ruins.
3.  I researched the colors used in Traditional Peruvian Dress and found a strong influence of red and black.  Colorful patterned stripes of many colors are also used.  
My outfit features red, black,  and white and black bands of striped fabric.

After choosing my fabric based on my inspiration, the next decision involved choosing just the right pattern for a pre-teen.
Crazy though it sounds, I used a German pattern 
to create the hooded top.
It's called "MiniMe" by Fusselfreies. 
It was fun to use a Google Translate app to help me know what to do.  Most of it is just like any sewing technique, but some of it is unique to that pattern.  Fun challenge for me. 
Can't have just plain grey pants to go with this top. So I drafted the pants myself, inserting the pin tuck panel in the knee area of the legs, just like the ones in the arms of the top. 

I chose the curved front panel option on the pattern.

This front panel on the pattern would be great to highlight words, Cricut cutout, or a preprinted panel.

The white and black bands of striped ribbed knit fabric frame Miss E's face and finish the arm and bottom of the top. I think the contrast of this stripe gives the outfit a real POP!

The bands of red fabric on the pants make her legs look so long and make the pants quite unique.

So do you think I achieved a look that is inspired by Machu Picchu?

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Upholstered dining room chairs CHANGE the Space!


I'm learning how to upholster. I took a intensive weekend class at Blue Sky Studio in Minneapolis.  I love the change. Even the oriental rug seems less red and more cream, just like I hoped.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Organizing my Sewing Room

I have not been sewing much lately.  I really disliked how unorganized my sewing space had become since we moved. Somehow it just didn't feel "together and welcoming."  

It's amazing how much my environment influences my desire to "create."  So I took a whole day to work on my sewing room, in fact, I worked until 3:00 am and was surprised at what time it was when I went upstairs to bed.  

The first problem in my room was the lighting.  I just felt like I was straining my eyes all the time! So my dear husband put up this fan/light for me.  That sounds easy, but the old fan was not wired correctly and we had to put it together three times before it worked correctly.  But now I love having an overhead light source.

Next, I wanted a comfortable space to do hand work. This chair and ottoman was the perfect answer, and notice the light especially made for doing handwork next to the chair.  

Peeking inside the closet in the room and you will see that I finally organized all those bins of fabric that I own.  In recent years I have been using my fabric stash when I make new garments or projects, but now I can really see what fabrics that I have available. I also have my supplies for jewelry making there too.

This year I want to use my serger more,  
so I bought a class on Craftsy about sewing with your serger.
 Hopefully, I will feeling more comfortable about using this 

time-saving machine.

Why the yellow foam mats near the machine?  PINS....PINS... I couldn't see the pins when I dropped them into the carpet.  Now I just vacuum my mat ... and the pins are gone.

 my husband is afraid that I'll never come out of this 

With the organization behind me, I just can't wait to start sewing again.


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Changing Cording Color Because Little Details Matter

"What have you been doing in here all night?" inquired my husband.
"Changing the color of this decorative cording on these drapes," I replied.
"But you don't notice the cording as much now..."
"Exactly... now you notice the taupe color in the drapes and not the RED." I explained. "Little details matter."
Shaking his head as he walked out, "Okay, if you're happy."

Okay ladies, would you have changed the red trim to taupe even if you had to sew it on with a curved needle while standing on a ladder?


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Recycled Christmas Tree Branches into a Swag

I recycled some old Christmas tree branches  that I had, to make this swag to hang on the light on my porch.

 Don't tell yourself that you can't do it too... just give it a try and enjoy the process.

My friend, Jane, asked me to share how I made it... so these directions are both for Jane and for YOU!

First, choose the smallest branch and a medium size Christmas branch.
Place the two branches on top of each other and wire together. I used floral wrapped wire because I find it easier to work with. Make a wire loop for the hanger and attach to back.

Add colorful holiday picks.  Notice how they are lined up in an up and down diagonal fashion.
Tie two very large ornaments together using ribbon.

Tie the ornaments to the top of the largest branch. It isn't the center, but probably the end of the top 1/3 of the swag. Make one ornament lower than the other ornament. This adds more interest...I think...

  Tie a bow and attach by wire to hide all the previous wired in objects.   I think you could attach more decorations, but I was using what I already had here at home in a new way.


Christmas Front Porch in Chicago

I  made some quick overlapping edges pillow covers for my front porch seat pad and pillow.  I used some herringbone plaid fleece to sew the covers since it was so inexpensive to purchase at a Black Friday Sale. I don't care if the cold Chicago weather is hard on them.  I plan to throw them away.... it only took me about 20 minutes of make them.  
The Santa pillow is from the Eric Carle collection ... see the little worm on his hand. This Santa makes me smile.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Oh Baby, I'm a ROCKSTAR in this Buffalo Plaid!

We had so much fun with this photo shoot to show off our outfit for the Project Run and Play Buffalo Plaid Challenge.  "Baby I'm a Rock Star," was blasting, and my model was strutting her Rock Star Stuff.

This outfit makes you feel like a Rock Star with the Vegan Leather and Buffalo Plaid Knit Bomber Jacket  and matching 
Vegan Leather Skater Skirt.  


The jacket has a front zipper and ribbed cuffs, waistband and neckband.

We even rocked out her new BoHo Boots 
with matching fabric bands.

"I love my new outfit, 
cause Baby I feel like a ROCKSTAR!" she sang.

Ohhhhhhh Yeah ! 
Cause Grandma's Gonna Win this Contest.
Yeah Baby
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